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EasyStaff UAB (Lithuanian registration number: 305643163, address: V. Nagevičiaus st. 3, Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-08237) provides freelancer and remote employee management service EasyStaff.

By placing this offer, EasyStaff UAB provides webmasters with an opportunity to participate in the affiliate program aimed at attracting customers for EasyStaff service.

Hereinafter EasyStaff UAB will also be referred to as "We", "Service" or EasyStaff.

Hereinafter webmasters will also be referred to as "Provider", "Partner", "You".

By agreeing to the terms and conditions of this offer, you fully and unconditionally accept all of its terms and conditions, and you warrant that you are at least 18 years old.

We have the right to withdraw the offer at any time before its acceptance.

In order to accept the terms and conditions of this offer and conclude an agreement (offer) on participation in the affiliate program, you need to:

register by filling out all fields of the registration form

accept the terms of the Privacy Policy

fully and unconditionally agree with the terms of this offer

We reserve the right to refuse to cooperate with a webmaster without giving any reasons.

Terms and definitions

EasyStaff service means easystaff.io website, other EasyStaff applications, information systems and channels, allowing the client to pay for the work of remote employees or freelancers, receive report documents, leave feedback.

Webmaster, Provider, Partner means a person who places advertising materials on their sites, as well as provides other services to attract customers for EasyStaff service.

Link to the Platform means a link or other promotional material placed by the partner, which ensures that potential clients go to the EasyStaff platform page.

Attracted Client, Client means a person who visited the platform page through the link placed by the Provider.

1. Subject of the contract

1.1. Webmaster places advertising materials of EasyStaff.io affiliate program on their sites.

The advertising tool should provide the user with an opportunity to go to the platform website and become an EasyStaff client.

1.2. The Webmaster becomes entitled to receive remuneration if the following conditions are simultaneously met:

the Client has accessed the EasyStaff.io website through a link or other advertising means placed by the Webmaster

the Client has registered within 45 calendar days from the date of clicking on the link.

the Client has made a payment to their remote employees

the Client remote employees have received their funds.

If the Client refuses to pay for the tasks of his remote employees or freelancers and/or for any other reason does not use the service, the Webmaster loses the right to receive remuneration.

1.3. One Webmaster has the right to have only one account.

2. Procedure for participation

in the affiliate program

2.1. In their personal account the Webmaster can get ready-made materials and instructions for them, as well as get information about their statistics, EasyStaff commissions from the referred clients and the amount of accrued remuneration.

2.2. Upon EasyStaff's request, the Webmaster shall, within 5 calendar days, provide data on the traffic source and access to the statistics of their advertising platform. In case of failure to receive the requested information EasyStaff has the right to block the Webmaster's access to the affiliate program, as well as to suspend payment of remuneration.

2.3. The Webmaster, when performing their obligations under this offer, undertakes to comply with the following rules on the admissibility of traffic channels:

Social network


Public pages, groups, communities in social networks.

Email newsletter


Sending emails to users who have consented to receive emails.

Teaser ads


Advertising unit that encourages the user to find out more information about the service.



Portal web page optimized for one or more search queries.

PopUp ads


Pop-up window that opens when loading in the foreground of the site page.



Refund to the customer of a part of the purchase price

Contextual advertising


It is forbidden to use direct link from advertising to EasyStaff.io domains, but it is allowed to redirect traffic to these domains through your website, a landing page or EasyStaff promotional materials.

Brand advertising


Buying advertising and SEO for the keywords EasyStaff, EasyStart, etc.



Website page that opens in the background under the active website window.



Promise the user some sort of bonus for taking a targeted action.

2.4. The Webmaster undertakes not to use negative keywords to set up contextual advertising, which are prohibited to use for targeting in any form (advertising for EasyStaff brand). The full list of negative keywords can be found at this link: easystaff.io, easystaff, easystart, easyeor,

2.5. The Webmaster, when performing their obligations under this offer, undertakes to comply with the following rules:

2.5.1. Not to use the company name EasyStaff and similar sounding words:

- in Title, Description on all pages of the partner website;

- in text blocks on the main page.

2.5.2. Not to use images (including favicon) from the EasyStaff.io website (exceptions: framed images).

2.6. The Webmaster guarantees that the data transmitted to EasyStaff (including in the process of filling out the registration form) is complete and true. The Webmaster shall notify EasyStaff in writing of any changes to any previously transmitted data within 3 calendar days after the occurrence of such changes. Change of the respective data in the personal account is equal to the written form of notification.

2.7. EasyStaff guarantees confidentiality of the information provided during registration in the affiliate program and its use in accordance with the purposes and conditions defined in the Privacy Policy.

2.8. The Webmaster is solely responsible for maintaining the link to the platform in operational condition and ensuring that customers are able to navigate through it seamlessly.

2.9. The Webmaster undertakes to comply with the requirements of applicable laws, rules of use of hosting, websites, forums, other third party resources.

2.10. The Webmaster bears the risks associated with unauthorized access to the Webmaster's site, e-mail, personal account, software.

2.11. In case of suspected violation of the terms of this offer, and/or in order to verify the specified data of the webmaster, and/or to verify the quality of the webmaster's traffic, as well as in other cases, EasyStaff has the right to suspend or terminate the payment of remuneration and participation of the Webmaster in the affiliate program, as well as to demand the removal of the link and/or other references to EasyStaff from the Webmaster's site. The requirement to remove the link, references to EasyStaff shall be executed within 48 hours of receipt of such notification, unless a different period of time is provided for in the notification itself.

2.12. EasyStaff pays remuneration to the Webmaster only after receipt of funds from the client to the EasyStaff balance, but not before the actual receipt of the service by the Client (debit from the balance).

3. Responsibility

3.1. The Webmaster is fully responsible for respecting third party brand, trademark, personal and other rights when placing advertising means on their site.

3.2. The Webmaster agrees not to use content on their site that violates applicable law or leads to pages that violate applicable law.

3.3. The Webmaster agrees not to use junk mail (spam) when sending promotional materials via e-mail. The Webmaster is solely responsible for obtaining proper consent from each recipient to send email advertisements.

3.4. We are entitled to withhold the Webmaster's remuneration in full for orders for which unacceptable traffic channels have been used and/or other terms of this offer have been violated.

3.5. In case the amount of remuneration payable to the Webmaster does not cover the amount of the accrued penalty, the outstanding amount of the penalty may be charged additionally.

3.6. Losses incurred by EasyStaff as a result of your breach of this offer shall be recoverable in excess of the penalty.

4. Remuneration payment procedure

4.1. The Partner's service fee is determined as a percentage of Easystaff commission on completed orders paid by the Client referred by the Partner. The specific percentage is specified in the Service Level Agreement, which is an integral part hereof, or in the Partner's Personal Account, or in the Appendices to the contract concluded on the basis of this offer. In case the Service Level Agreement, and (or) in the Partner's Personal Account, or Appendices to the contract, concluded on the basis of this offer, does not stipulate otherwise, the cost of the Provider's services is 10% of EasyStaff commission from completed orders, paid by the Client attracted by the Partner.

4.2. Payment for the Partner's services is made by the 20th day of the month following the reporting month, provided that the Partner reaches the minimum payment amount. If the Partner fails to reach the minimum payout amount, the payment is postponed to the next month. The minimum amount of payment is set by the Service Level Agreement, and (or) in the Partner's Personal Account, or the Appendices to this Agreement. In case the Service Level Agreement, and (or) in the Partner's Personal Account, or the Appendices to this Agreement does not stipulate otherwise, the minimum amount of payment is equal to 1000 Euro. The date of payment is the date of debiting EasyStaff current account.

4.3. In case of change of payment details, billing addresses, contact phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses, as well as in case of change of taxation status, the Partner undertakes to notify EasyStaff about such changes by written notice within one day from the date of such changes. The Partner has the right to place the changed details in the Personal Account. The Partner is responsible for the accuracy of the specified details.

4.4. The Partner shall independently calculate and pay VAT on the received remuneration.

5. Confidentiality

5.1. Any information received by the Partner from the Service as part of participation in the EasyStaff affiliate program is confidential. The exceptions to this are information:

which became publicly available without the Partner violating the terms of this offer;

which was obtained by the Partner legally from a third party without limitation and without violating the terms of this offer, as well as without violating non-disclosure obligations

which cannot be classified as confidential information in accordance with the applicable law.

5.2. The confidentiality terms shall be valid for the entire term of the contract concluded on the basis of this offer, as well as for five years after its termination.

6. Other conditions

6.1. The place of conclusion of the contract, on the basis of this offer, is the city of Vilnius (Lithuania).

6.2. The contract concluded on the basis of this offer shall be valid from the moment of its conclusion for an indefinite period of time.

6.3. Either party has the right to terminate the contract concluded on the basis of this offer by notifying the other party in writing within a period of at least 30 calendar days prior to the termination of the contract.

6.4. EasyStaff also has the right to terminate the contract concluded on the basis of this offer, in accordance with clause 2.9. of this offer.